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Economics Fun and Games

Social Studies can be learned from playing games. Check out these links to games that let you have fun AND learn.

Fleet Kids
Play economics games like Chunka Change and Frontyard Fortunes. New features include the Cash Quiz and the always popular Money Matic.

Stock Market Game
Play the market in this fun simulation that teaches you all the basic of investing in stocks. Choose a stock and you're on your way to learning all about that stock, its company, and how it does on the market.

DumpTown Game
Recycle City presents Dumptown, the game that convinces you that it's far too easy to create trash. You'll never look at garbage the same way again.

Economics Games at Gamequarium
Lots of fun games here, including The Lemonade Stand, Escape from Knab, and the Coin Memory Machine. Also includes an Economic Literacy Quiz.

Peanuts and Crackerjacks
This wonderful site teaches economics through the use of professional team sports.

The Global Economics Game
Online game teaches world economics and politics, including money and exchange rates.

The Prisoner's Dilemma
This simple-sounding yet tricky game teaches the economics of planning ahead. Try it if you dare!

Money Math Exercises
Collection of activities to learn math while having fun: coins, debt, credit cards, and more.

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