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Diversification: Spreading It Around
Diversification is an important word in the study of business and economics. It shows an appreciation for "the big picture" and planning for the future.

What Is Disposable Income?
Disposable income is one of the standard terms of economics and finance. It is a difficult-sounding word that has a simple definition. That definition is this: Disposable income is whatever is left over after taxes.

Subsidy: Grant for the Greater Good
A subsidy is a basic term of economics that has many meanings. It is, at its most basic, the transfer of money or wealth from a government to a person or people.

The G-20
The G-20 is made up of economic and political representatives of 19 of the world's richest countries. (The 20th member is the European Union.)

CAP First for Kids
Be an inventor! Be a Detective! Be an Accountant! Learn about the financial world without even realizing you're doing it!!

This amazingly fun game also teaches you about money and how to manage it. You'll have fun and learn!

Business Then and Now
Think the pharmacist is a recently invented profession? Not true. Pharmacists have been around since ancient times. This site has the explanation and many more comparisons.

Big Money Adventure
This fun site is for ages 2-adult. Learn about counting, money, and the stock market. You can even play a Stock Market Simulator game!

NOVA Online--The Secret of Making Money
Learn how money is made and other government secrets. You can also find the Bogus Bill in a fun game!

Class in America
Do you think about economic and social classes? You might do so and not know it. Check out this helpful site and read personal stories and essays. Also check out the fun games!

Financing the Civil War
Everybody talks about the battles, but who paid for all that stuff and where did they get the money? This site answers those questions and also tells you a little about geography and culture along the way. If you're doing a report on the Civil War, this site is a must!

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