7 New Events to Debut at 2022 Winter Olympics

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January 20, 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics will open on February 4 in Beijing. On offer will be a record 109 events over 15 disciplines in seven sports.

Seven events will feature for the first time. Four of the seven new events combine men's and women's races:

  • 2022 Olympics medals The Mixed Team Ski Jumping adds female skiers to the existing four-man Team Ski Jumping event, which premiered in 1988. The mixed event will feature teams of two men and two women; the team whose combined jump length is the farthest wins.
  • Both men and women will compete on a team in the Mixed Team Short Track Speed Skating Relay. Each team will have two men and two women; the team as a whole will complete 18 laps, with each athlete skating twice, the first time going two-and-a-half laps around and the last time completing two laps.
  • The two-person teams in Mixed Snowboard Cross will be one male and one female, with the former competing first and passing on any time advantage to the latter.
  • Mixed Team Aerial Skiing will feature teams of three, with both genders represented at least once. Competitors will attempt to complete as many flips and twists as they can after jumping straight up into the air.
  • Big Air Skiing will challenge competitors to complete flips, rotations, and other moves after launching off a 60-foot ramp. This event will be men's-only and women's-only.
  • One event that will feature only women is the Monobob, a one-woman bobsled competition. The sole bobsledder will have to push off, steer, and pilot the bobsled down the track. All competitors must use the same model of sled.

The Olympic Torch was lit in a traditional ceremony in Olympia, Greece, on Oct. 18, 2021. The Torch then proceeded to Athens, home of the first modern Olympic Games, in 1896, and then to Beijing. The Torch Relay is on hold until February 2, when it will resume, traveling to Yanqing and Zhangjiakou and then returning to Beijing for the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron during the opening ceremonies on February 4.

Bing Dwen Dwen

The official emblem is Winter Dream. Bing Dwen Dwen (left) is the official mascot.

The XXIV Olympic Winter Games will run Feb. 4–20. Beijing National Stadium will be the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies. Events will take place in Beijing and in and near other neighboring towns.

Beijing is the first city to be host for both Summer and Winter Olympics. The Summer Games were there in 2008.

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