The Seven Most Populous Countries in the World

7. Nigeria

By far the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria had a listed population, as of July 2015, of 181,562,056 people. The country has more than 250 ethnic groups; the largest two are the Fulani and the Hausa. Long a British-occupied country, Nigeria gained its independence in 1960.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan's population as of July 2015 was 199,085,847. Pakistan the area has been around a very long time and was home to several ancient culture, including the civilization of Ancient India. Modern Pakistan came about in 1947, as a result of a partition of the Indian subcontinent.

5. Brazil

South America's largest country by area is also the continent's large country by population, with 204,259,812 people, as of July 2015. Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country by area as well. The longtime Portuguese colony still has that language as its official tongue. Brazil gained its independence in 1822.

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