The Seven Largest Deserts in the World

7. Bering Sea

Stretching for more than 770,000 square miles between Alaska, in the United States, and Kamchatka, in Russia, is the Bering Sea, named after Danish navigator Vitus Bering, who sailed for Russia in the 18th Century. The deepest part of this body of water extends 15,659 feet below sea level.




6. China Sea Basin, South China Sea

Bounding the South China Sea are Borneo, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Sumatra, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The deepest section is the China Sea Basin, which has a depth of 16,456 feet below sea level.

5. Arctic Basin, Arctic Ocean

The deepest point in the Arctic Ocean, at 18,456 feet below sea level, is the Arctic Basin, which is bounded by Greenland, the Barents Sea, the Kara Sea, the Laptev Sea, the Kane Basin, and Northern and Southern Beaufort. The Arctic Ocean itself is Earth’s fifth-largest ocean, encompassing more than 5 million square miles of water. South Pole discoverer Roald Amundsen sailed across the Arctic Basin in 1922–1924.

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