The Seven Largest Deserts in the World

7. Syrian Desert

The Syrian Desert includes parts of Iraq, Jordan, and Syria and numbers 200,000 square miles in all. Largely covered by lava flows, this rocky, flat desert has been home to oil exploration for several decades. Syria’s capital, Damascus, is on an oasis inside this desert.

6. Great Victoria Desert

Australia’s largest collection of dry land is 250,000 square miles in area. Thunderstorms are common across the desert, and annual rainfall can approach 10 inches on average. Aboriginal tribes live in the desert, which has also been home to mining activities and nuclear weapons testing.

5. Kalahari Desert

Stretching 360,000 square miles across Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa is the Kalahari Desert, which has the largest continuous expanse of sand on the planet. It is very red sand. In the midst of this expanse of sand is the Okavongo River and Delta, with their extensive marshes. More prevalent are dry river beds.

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